translated from Spanish: Asia Argento now acknowledged having had sex with Jimmy Bennett

the Italian actress Asia Argento, one of the leading activists of the movement #Me Too, admitted to having had sex with Jimmy Bennett and said feel currently «worth» by e l former juvenile actor, who accused her of sexual abuse. Last month, «The New York Times» revealed that Argento, of 43 years, agreed to pay 380,000 dollars Bennett once both to meet in a California hotel room in 2013, when the young man was 17 years old. In that State the age for consent is 18. The actress and Director accepted then that a payment was made, but denied any «sexual linkage». In dialogue with the Italian TV La7, Argento spoke of how he saw Bennett confirmed allegations of abuse last week, in an interview he gave to the same radio station. «I got a little angry, but especially senti¬ worth it,» he said. Bennett is «a child who failed to continue his career and therefore a lost soul», added. At the same time he accused Bennett of «blackmail and extortion». Argento admitted having had sex with the actor, once he agreed to meet him to help prepare an audition. «It literally jumped over mi¬» and that left her «frozen», he said. In the following months, Bennett «it tormented her» sending him videos showing naked or masturbating, Snapchat said Argento, and described it as a «Horny young» obsessed with her. The actress said that it gave a different version of events in his first reaction to the publication of the «New York Times» because «I didn’t want to go into the sordid details». «I didn’t know she was underage», said Argento, and explained that he had not seen Bennett in the previous 10 years. «I did not in the laws of California, since it was not a sexual encounter.» The month past Argento revealed that his partner, the late TV chef Anthony Bourdain, responded to threats of legal action Bennett by going to give money to the actor, to help him through «severe economic problems». Bourdain killed himself last June. Argento also told La7 that he saw «the abyss, despair», after the death of Bourdain, and that he felt «guilt by not having seen their pain». He also said that after the death of Bourdain put an end to payments to Bennett, quotas, because he did not agree with them. This was before the report of the «New York Times» revealed the agreement, said. The worst have been involved in allegations of sexual abuse was to be called a «paedophile, a stigma that do not wish to anyone», said the actress to A7. In the wake of the scandal, he had let the jury of the Italian version of the reality show ‘X Factor’, a show talents of talents from singing on television. Argento ended the interview claiming to be reinstated to the program. Argento was one of the first actresses to denounce Hollywood Harvey Weinstein producer last year, which gave rise to the movement #MeToo against abuse and sexual harassment. The actress accused Weinstein of violating it in 1997, when she was 21 years old. Since he unveiled the indictment, he has been one of the spokesmen for the movement in Hollywood.

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