translated from Spanish: Bethlehem Soto said that it cost him much accept his body: “Preferred to hide”

Bethlehem Soto, the actress who became known for playing the protagonist of “Papi Ricky”, shared an extensive reflection on his physical in social networks . 21-year-old told how difficult that was for her to accept her body especially in the middle where it operates. However, these problems are left behind every day.” Some time ago I was shame and modesty upload images showing the body, or any part of it, I thought that it did not comply with what was properly accepted by the canons of beauty in networks, preferred to hide and hide to thus be able to avoid what so ever It was my worst enemy,”he wrote alongside a photo where it appears in a bikini.” I started to look for the best version of myself, but today you see is you’re never going to satisfy the taste of others, but importantly, meet the self, love, and love above all things! The rest always say”, he added. The actress accepted that over time he has earned to stereotypes and gained confidence in herself. “I learned to trust in me, and above all, take me!” “My body not speaking about me, I speak for, and I can tell you, that today, I am very happy”.

Original source in Spanish

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