translated from Spanish: CDMX removed plates with the name of Diaz Ordaz

the Chief of Government of the city of Mexico, José Ramón Amieva Gálvez, announced that be removed from system of transportation (STC) Metro stations, all plates related to local authorities and a federal ruling in 1968.
He said that you as a message of peace, all plate referring to authorities who ruled for 50 years, will be removed from the STC, Metro, stations as well as the weapons room of the Magdalena Mixhuca.
Out plates with the name of Diaz Ordaz of the Metro in CDMX. It was considered that 50 years there are cycles that must be close and be in line with the thinking and feeling of citizenship, in such a way that the plates will be changed for other information on the construction of the Metro, but without mentioning any authority.
Removed plates will be replaced with ones that are not mentioned the name of authorities. Arriving in protest of the mayors taking the local Congress, said he hopes that tomorrow, October 2 there is a rally and peaceful demonstration, as it should be a memorial that pays recognition to an historical event that marked Mexican society.
He argued that an operating distance of safety will be implemented to protect the departure of this October 2, since the Organizing Committee requested that there is an accompaniment of the police, in such a way to be limited to provide roads, in support of protection Civil and act in an emergency.
Amieva Gálvez announced that next Wednesday they will hold a meeting with the new mayors to let them know about the savings that the Mexico City Government has for their administrations start without any problems, although he refused to give amounts.
«The only thing I can tell you is to go them very well to the mayors,» said local Executive.

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