translated from Spanish: Court revokes ruling: PRD and PAN remain Mayor of Coyoacan

the room Superior of the Tribunal Electoral of the power Judicial of the Federation reversed the annulment of elections in the new municipality of Coyoacán, which gave the victory to the candidate of the Coalition «For the city of Mexico to the front», Manuel Negrete Arias.
In accordance with the federal authority, whose decision is final, is unanimously approved the issue of record SUP-REC-1388 / 2018, that on the occasion of the remedy of reconsideration filed by Manuel Negrete Arias, revokes the determination of the Regional Chamber of the City of Mexico declared that the validity of the election of the Mayor of Coyoacan.
All the judges of the upper chamber voted in favor and there were two reasoned, including votes in the President judge Janine Madeline Otálora, repealing the controversial judgment and affirming the decision of the Electoral Tribunal of Mexico City.
The ruling also ordered protection in favour of the victims of political violence and gender, candidate for the Coalition «Together we will make history,» María Rojo.
One of the arguments by which the judges voted against the cancellation of the election in Coyoacan was that while it operated on social programs during the campaign, evidence not met to decide that they directly influenced the decision of voting by citizens.
In the specific case of the social program «A tu Lado» cards, judge Felipe of the Mata Pizana explained that although plastics were distributed, there is evidence that deposits were made, nor that they have been influenced in casting the vote beneficiaries: «enlargement of the beneficiaries is not prohibited, there is no evidence that warn patronage behavior, there is no evidence of coercion to vote. There is a resolution or evidence in this record that really demonstrate that you deposited money to beneficiaries. Quantitative determinancia is not proven,»said the Minister in a session.
Program, he added, there is from 2013 and is not credited their use for electoral purposes.
The difference of votes was also an argument that judges will vote overwhelmingly against the annulment of elections in Coyoacan.
«The difference is 11.11%, in the annals of electoral justice do not remember that it has annulled an election with that distance», said judge of the Mata Pizana.
With respect to gender-based violence, judges concluded that it is not in doubt that it has exercised, but, as is the case with social programs, its influence on the vote of the people is not clear.
Before the ruling, Morena lawyer and labour party, Enrique Aguilar, said political Animal that there is nothing to be done in the legal aspect, since the failure of the upper Chamber is «unassailable».
«Surely our leaders will take political positions», added.
The PRD for its part, announced that morning, their candidate will be one of 16 mayors who will protest in the city of Mexico: «recognize that they used social programs during the campaign, but not for electoral purposes. «Also there were violence against María Rojo but was not widespread or decisive», said Antonio Alemán, representative of the PRD before the Institute election of the city of Mexico (IECM) about Animal politician on the Court’s decision.

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