translated from Spanish: Daughter of Pilar Cox: “I love her, but not let me help her”

Valeria Ruiz, daughter of Pilar Cox, acknowledged that as a family are living complex moments after the serious incident that starred former cheerleader in a neighborhood Italy hostel d e Providence, which ended up detained after threatening to cut his body with a knife. To LUN, the young woman said that she and her siblings do not know much of it, since some time ago they stopped talking.see also: Pilar Cox was arrested for incidents at a Providence hostel“to us does not leave us closer. It doesn’t help. I had it earlier this month, in September, in my house because I looked for it, but the situation was unsustainable. I love her, but not let me help her,”he said. Ruiz added that her mother “is very sick, it is a person who has bipolar disorder and alcoholism, that destroys it much more. We are very hurt by all this.” Martin, another of the sons of the former actress in soap operas, said that she is suffering from the problem for years, but lately it has gotten worse. “He has a strong character, is conflicting and one night on the street instead of asking for help is hard,” he added. The man said that Cox calls for rentals of $900 000, payments to doctors, medicines, outings to shopping and hairdresser to accept the help, something that is “unsustainable” for the family.

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