translated from Spanish: Fraction of the PT is manifested in favor of saving and austerity in the Congress from Michoacán

home Michoacán fraction of the PT is manifested in favor of saving and austerity in the Congress of Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-Group Pa rlamentario of the Labor Party (PT) in the Congress of Michoacán, manifests itself in favor of saving and austerity in the State, but also legislative urges inside this to greater transparency and accountability, said the Coordinator of the group, Brenda Fraga Gutierrez. Thus reported in a press release.

He said that «while it is important to reduce spending in Congress, it is also necessary to generate a reengineering that can achieve substantial savings but which in turn develop padlocks to avoid falling into the practices of previous legislatures».
Fraga Gutierrez on behalf of the fraction of the PT, said that an urgency in Congress, moreover, is the transparency of the management of resources and accountability. He said «it is regrettable that Congress is who audit the accounts of the Executive, and we are unable to provide an effective transparency in the money that is handled here».
He recalled that during third Septuagesima (LXXIII) legislature presented a proposal to reduce perceptions of members by at least 50 percent, however, the invitation did not cause echo and was rejected at the time by the banks of the PRI, the PAN and the PRD.
According to the text, he said that one of the principles of the PT is walking on the side of the people, work for the Betterment of the citizens and better do it achieving a saving of Fund from the Local Congress.

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