translated from Spanish: He joined the ‘Cuau’ German Villa and Isaac Terrazas in his Cabinet

Cuernavaca, Morelos.-the second Cuauhtemoc Blanco took over Monday as the new Governor-elect of the State of Morelos.En his speech, white promised the citizens to defend the OVR erania as he defended the colors of the Seleccion.para that joined his Cabinet of old acquaintances, because German Villa and Isaac Terrazas, two former teammates in the America, with whom he maintains a close friendship, will occupy different positions, as well as the exarbitro Gilberto Alcala. But not only them, maybe even also added who was head of press of the America, Francisco Reyes. 

They are part of a historic change where we will put a stop to unfair practices so that abuses are not repeated and betrayals that former public servants committed and caused so much damage in society; make that his work is at the height of the moment that we live. Cuauhtemoc Blanco— (@cuauhtemocb10) October 1, 2018 «my commitment to the Morelos is working to restore peace, justice and tranquility. «I am a person who honors his word because he knows what it is to fight every day very hard to succeed, why my work is aimed at the growth of Morelos ‘ expressed Blanco.En attended the ceremony of the Cuau Villa and terraces, the first who will serve as Director State Institute of the sports, while the second will be at the forefront of the trust of the Estadio Agustín «Coruco» Diaz, where he plays the Zacatepec and whose renovation was undertaken by the State Government, under the administration of Graco Ramírez. 

I have the task of integrating a cabinet with hardworking, honest and prepared people who will accompany me in administrative work, to comply with this commitment that today I assume with all seriousness and responsibility. Cuauhtémoc Blanco (@cuauhtemocb10) October 1, 2018— this note: Morelos Cuauhtemoc Blanco Germán Villa Isaac Terrazas

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