translated from Spanish: Heraldo Muñoz by decision in the Hague: «In short, this case is over»

11:35 the ex-Minister of inner Affairs s, who headed delegations during the Government of Michelle Bachelet, celebrated the result and said that now depend on the Bolivian Government respect or not the conclusive ruling.

Then that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) considered by 12 votes against 3 that Chile not contracted legal obligation to negotiate with Bolivia an outlet to the sea, the former Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz held the historic failure of the Hague and said that it marks a before and an after separate CTO to Bolivian claims.

«we are very pleased and we had already said, the territorial integrity of our country is not played, borders will be equal to that were established before the reading of our failure, our population is not affected», said the former ministered or foreign, who also headed the delegations for months under the mandate of Michelle Bachelet.» In short, this case is over and finished the tried an obligation to negotiate by Bolivia to Chile, that does not exist, has said the Court (…) We believe that this is end in this case,»he added. Anyway, Munoz said that it depends now on the Bolivian Government respect this ruling. «We said that Chile respects the international law and treaties, the ball is now in the Bolivian side, let’s see if they will meet with his word and this so strongly fault where we have been absolutely right». For his part, the Senator for the Arica and Parinacota, and former Chilean agent of Bolivia, José Miguel Insulza, demand also held this bug and said that «there are a number of matters awaiting better available to Bolivia to be resolved». Insulza added that «Hopefully Bolivia understand to start talking, you should be diplomatic relations» and added that «it is not rather than enter to chat with us, hopefully with diplomatic relations», in relation to the attitude you would expect from the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

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