translated from Spanish: Jimena Barón provided details of how was the sex scene with Rodrigo Romero in the film “El Potro”

Jimena Barón, due to promote the film “The colt, best of love”, gave details of how he was recording the passionate scene, which you are seen in the trailer, along with Rodrigo Romero, the protagonist of the film.

“The scene lasted an hour and forty, it was a big challenge. Had never done sex scenes, he does not. For both it was plenty, but we calm each other”, had the actress in hold on Catalina, radio program that is broadcast by La Once Diez.

Rodrigo Romero and Jimena Barón in the film “The colt, best of love” few days ago, Rodrigo, invited short by Lozano, revealed that the romance in real life with Jimena had begun prior to having to shoot that scene, so surely that also helped pretty much when it comes to relax and let yourself go.

Rodrigo Romero and Jimena Baron | Photo: Instagram @baronjimena El potro rodrigo romero film

Jimena Barón rodrigo bueno

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