translated from Spanish: One year of the referendum and failed independence, Barcelona lived violent protests

the citizens of Barcelona teamed up a year after the referendum that won independence from Spain if to remember that voting not recon ocida by the central Government of the Iberian country. 

With the slogan «We recover on October 1» and pro-independence banners along with yellow ties, the protesters approached the catalan Parliament, where police clashed. 

The President of Catalonia, Joaquín Torra, supported claims of citizenship in order of a Catalan Republic and asked to continue in that line.

Barcelona has taken the most absolute chaos. Incidents police in Via Laietana and severe persecutions against the Parliament.
and Pedro Sanchez? Where is our President? Watching Netflix with disconnected phone? – starry (@arturelpayaso2) October 1, both 2018Mientras, the Spanish Government asked Torra helps to calm the region and saw the anniversary of the referendum as ‘ a sad day.

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