translated from Spanish: Right out of the hat a new formula to challenge the gender identity law before the Constitutional Court

after the passage of the law I identity of gender at the Congress, some members of the right continue to do repairs. Despite an initial setback, which failed to gather the signatures, a group of parliamentarians from Chile we will insist on the option to get to the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) to prevent minors between 14 and 18 years old from accessing the registry sex change.
In particular, legislators shall have recourse to a «be present», initiative that is expected to be presented this week and it has the backing of at least 35 deputies, reported Radio Bio Bio.
From the UDI Deputy Juan Antonio Coloma maintained that the be present «search, precisely, to reverse what has been the possibility that are given to children to change their gender identity, because we believe that an attribute important personality» as sex, not can be modified, less for a person who still does not reach the age of majority».
The letter suggests that «the project as it stands, severely limits the legitimate exercise of fundamental rights by third parties» and that «the inclusion of children, who do not have full autonomy, suggests that all referred to minors, is unconstitutional». 
He will be present is a type of judicial writing that has been used with mixed success in other causes raised before the Constitutional Court. Recently, it was the formula used by advocates of the Industrial Association of the plastic to stop the ban on plastic bags, but his plea did not find welcome in the entity; on the other hand, the National Chamber of Commerce had more luck and managed to challenge some provisions of the law originally granting more power to the national consumer service (Sernac).
The initial downturn can remember that in principle, members of Parliament of Chile we intended to appeal to the TC so that adolescents had access to the sex change registration, measurement that is could not specify for lack of signatures, a setback that was held by the Movilh, which interpreted the setback as a «failure of transphobia». 
On Saturday, advisers to Parliament of Chile we came to Santiago airport to collect the latest signatures necessary to present the request to the Constitutional Court. However, the appeal fell then that UDI Juan Manuel Fuenzalida Deputy did not air terminal, thus truncating the onslaught against the legal standard.
The ruling coalition needed 39 firms to carry out the requirement to the TC. However, in the absence of the rubric of Fuenzalida, such action was ruled out.
«Even were able to get the signatures» in contrast to what has been the position of many parliamentary officials, from the DC, Matías Walker held that the law is increasingly closer to be enacted and highlighted the failure of deputies of Chile are going. 
«They were even able to get signatures to throw down a law that was promoted by the Government and we delighted us by all families, all the children, by all the teenagers trans trans that hour will be finally recognized in their dignity and in» their rights», said Walker. 
On the other hand, the Deputy Leopoldo Pérez, head of base of national renewal (RN), ruled out supporting the be present, this despite the fact that he voted against include minors when the law was passed. 
«I voted against, but as head of the caucus could not appeal, because in my own bed I have deputies who voted against,» he said. 

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