translated from Spanish: Stuffed animals to strengthen quality public education?

the answer is clear: no.
Cannot be overlooked the expenditure of public money held by the current Mayor of the municipality of Maipú of 50 million pesos in stuffed animals, using State resources from the “Fund of support to the public Municipal of quality education”.
It leaves much to be desired that the current communal Chief used as a strategy of “recruitment and retention of fees” and “teaching material” of their city mascot, this last event install us concern about how this Fund which makes enough is spent time is in operation in all the municipalities of the country. Is this the way to strengthen public education in the territory? Monitors are properly spending from this Fund? Will be accepted spending for this concept?
Should be recalled that the Fund aims “to support the educational management of schools” where each municipality – and from this year communities grouped in local education services presents a plan of action associated with the development, strengthening education and school performance.

The State can be financed through this fund the improvement of skills and management capabilities for the municipal education; the investment of pedagogical resources, teaching and support innovations to students; the Administration and standardization of settlements; the maintenance, preservation, improvement and regularization of properties and infrastructure; the financial situation; upgrading, updating and renewal of equipment and furniture; school transport and support services; and participation of the educational community. Which of these items can be 50 million stuffed animals be justified?
Each municipality has the opportunity and resources to human capital management and implement plans to strengthen public education. You can make an offer to the students and to the educational community that involves innovation and incorporate multidisciplinary teams, rescue experiences in management, curriculum and teaching in the classroom. Train teachers, give workshops which allow students and families develop other skills, educate the school community citizens, environmental matters, sexual education, improve the infrastructure of the campuses, among the many things, without a doubt, they’re necessary in public establishments.
This Fund is an opportunity for municipal corporations, DEM or Adam and, by the way, the mayors of the communes of the country strengthen the public education of their students, delivered tools to their teachers and deliver to the educational community tools for its development.
It is an invitation to recover what means education in our society: opening a world of possibilities to adolescents and young people to invite them to dream and remember, encourage them to be what they want to be, acquire knowledge and expertise, and, also, to reduce the social gaps at the educational level that currently exist in the different districts of the country.
Maipú let us clear that his stamp of public education is to give stuffed animals. What is the seal of the other municipalities?
It is time that the institutions of the State to modernize its control mechanisms, control, monitoring and evaluation in their policies. It is almost a certainty that, if our institutions implement ex assessments lasting public policies which allow the monitoring responsible for the life cycle of these, we would have spending of fiscal resources much more efficient, effective and consistent to the needs of the country, which seeks to make a significant leap to development.

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