translated from Spanish: Surfer dies after becoming infected with the Amoeba ‘comecerebros’

New Jersey-a surfer lost his life because of an Amoeba known as ‘comecerebros’. Fabrizio Stabile died last Sept. 21, after visiting the center of surfing BSR Cable Park completo Surf Resort, located in Waco, Texas.De according to page of GoFundMe relatives created to raise funds, when the 29-year-old man returned to new Jersey complained of a severe pain of sudden headache.

The next day I could not move or speak coherently, which took him to a hospital immediately. After numerous medical tests, the surfer gave positive for the Naegleria fowleri, a deadly bacterium that usually found in warm fresh water. 
As a result of this incident, the aquatic complex is closed, while torque Center Control and prevention (CDC) performs the necessary investigations. Finally, the CDC reported that people get infected with the Amoeba when affected water enters through the nose while they dive or swim. In this article: New Jersey surfer dies Amoeba comecerebros Naegleria fowleri

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