translated from Spanish: They seek place plaque in tribute by student of 66 and 68 movements at the Congress of Michoacán

photograph / Congress of Michoacan Morelia; Michoacan.-with the objective of performing a tribute to the young people who participated in the student movement of 1968, in the Plaza of the three cultures in the Tlatelolco and in Morelia in 1966, the local member of Parliament, Miriam Tinoco Soto, will pose to the plenary of the LXXIV Legislature placed a plaque in memory of the women and men who fought for the democratic freedoms of our country and State, well informed in a statement.
In that sense, the legislator said that such movements transformed our country and is required to pay tribute to the young people who are organized and took to the streets to fight for freedom and democracy in our nation.
In that context, stressed the importance of that October 2 to be recognized as an official day and that in the State Congress, in the House of the legislative branch, put a plate by way of recognition of 68 student movements, such as the Morelia d (e) 1966.
«While the social and student movement of 1968 is in force in the collective memory, thanks to the struggle of Mexicans, official positions have always sought to minimize this event that marked the history of our country», said Miriam Tinoco.
Beyond ideologies, said that she has not been recognized due its significance in national life, «however not in all its aspects, however not in politics, but in the students and families of the victims that always take to the streets for the 2 o» October don’t forget».
So, recalled that largely the Universidad Michoacana was present at the origin of many student movements, from the National Conference of democratic students, while student of 1963 and 66 movements are unavailable demanding freedom and future, of the defense of university autonomy and democracy.
In that context, he said that 1968 estudiantil-social movement is closely linked to that of 1963 and 1966 of Morelia.
«Not only shared origin and not only students of the Universidad Michoacana formed one of eight University shares in 1968, but also counted on the support of key stakeholders, such as Dr. Eli Eduardo de Gortari, Professor and university rector Michoacana; doctor Ignacio Chávez and the teachers Arnaldo Córdova, and Adolfo Mejía González», explained Mirian Tinoco.
Therefore, it was considered urgent to the congresses of the country to recognize movements libertarians, since the movement of the 63 and 66 threw the awakening of citizenship and were the cause of democratic freedoms and expression that we now enjoy, these being the facts that allow to understand michoacana politics, since without Morelia, perhaps there would have been no Tlatelolco.

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