translated from Spanish: Was condemned to two years in prison accused of sexual scandal in the Swedish Academy

a Stockholm Court sentenced to two years in prison for rape Jean-Claude Arnault, the French artist who detonated the crisis by a spelt of abuses spanning the Swedish Academy, the Nobel Prize for literature delivery. The Court sentenced Arnault, of 72 years, by one of the two cases of rape of which he was accused. Both crimes involved the same woman and took place at the end of 2011. Arnault, who denies the charges, is married to Katarina Frostenson, former member of the Academy Sueca.El trial was held behind closed doors. According to the newspaper «Svenska Dagbladet», a total of 18 women accused Arnault of sexual assault. Arnault was a cultural association that was financed with funds from the Swedish Academy. When came to light accusations in November 2017, the Academy decided to Frostenson could remain in office, after which several members of the jury resigned in protest. The Prosecutor opened an inquiry but rejected several of the charges, in part for lack of evidence. In may, the Academy announced that the Nobel Prize for literature this year claiming the need to reorganize and recover confidence would not. The Nobel Prize in literature is one of the awards founded by Swedish entrepreneur Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), inventor of dynamite and the researcher.

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