translated from Spanish: What is based on the more license X fatherhood campaign and where it seeks to arrive?

gender inequality has become visible so that more urgent campaigns posed by society to obtain corresponding rights already seized public transport and social networks. Now going by the parliamentary way.

«In Argentina, paternity leave is only two days. Thus, not recognizes the right of men to share time with their daughters and sons and reproduces gender inequalities to consider care as a sole responsibility of women»for social networks circulating flyers with this i nscripcion | Photo: TwitterPero, what is based on the move more license X paternity?

There are three principles that cross the lines of this initiative: stewardship: points to a licensing scheme that share both the responsibility and the right of men and women to devote time to their children and quidad of gender: the extension of paternity leave seeks to take a step closer to gender equity and that the care of children and adolescents no longer deemed «a private and exclusive responsibility of women» equal opportunities : It is one of the ultimate objectives that are expected to contribute to trade unions, companies, and places of public employment with measures allowing workers and workers to «reconcile their work and family life» alike to what are running?

With the passage of this measure, since the Latin-American team of Justice and gender (ELA) running a comprehensive care system which does not make distinctions in terms of gender, employability, etc. and pose that «in an ideal world or in a fairer system» : Maternity licenses would be adjusted to the recommendations of international bodies such as the international organization of HoursThe paternity leave would be the same extent as those of maternidadSe extend licenses fa military that freed days before needs of care Especificaslas licenses would be universal and all workers could access «regardless of the family formation» to the view of all the campaign spreads both through the public transport as of social networks: Twitter identifies it is under the hashtag #MasLicenciaXPaternidad, while in groups, trains and subways it can be found by replacing the image of the woman with the baby in her arms with men, with the appearance of the seat reserved.

More license X paternity ELA gender equity is what raises

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