translated from Spanish: Drunk passenger attacks über host with boxes of blocks

has emerged a shocking video that shows a woman drunk to attacking a driver of über tacos boxes during a discussion in the hired car. Images were captured on closed circuit television of the vehicle by the anchorwoman Marie Chávez while working in his turn to weekend in Midland, Texas.

Photo: AFP the video shows a man and a woman sitting in the back seat of the car of Chavez with what appear to be three trays of food. The woman asks Chavez to return to a bar that had just gather to pick up more passengers, advises MailOnline.» Honestly, I think you need to go back and search for them», says the passenger. The driver responds: «I need to leave my vehicle». Speaking with a person outside of the vehicle, she says: «I need this lady out of my car, please. I already finished, I do not gather them, I need them to you so that they come out of my vehicle «.»

After repeatedly told the woman to leave your vehicle because «already ended the night», Chavez says the camera inside his car as an indication stubborn passenger out. After finally opening the rear passenger door, women collected boxes of food and throws them to Chavez.» You’re on camera,»said Chavez, stunned, to the passenger, and added that he will call the police immediately.

«Look at this, what you’ve just done», adds a furious Chavez. Then ask the passenger to look at the disaster that was in his car.» Yes, she pulled tacos», adds the man before offering to clean it. Chavez and his spouse David launched the video as part of an appeal to find the woman. In this note: Video passed drunk attacks host box Tacos

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