translated from Spanish: Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia: death toll surpasses the 1,200

the Government of Indonesia announced Tuesday that the number of deaths confirmed after e l devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the island of Sulawesi Friday surpassed the 1,200.
“From 01:00 PM, there is 1,2,3,4 dead, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the national disaster Agency.
Previously, the figure had remained at 844.
The magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred on the coast of the central island of Sulawesi and gave rise to a tsunami which hit the coastal city of Palu with waves up to 6 meters.
“We hear voices calling for aid, including that of a child”: the desperate efforts to find survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia is afraid that there are still survivors trapped under the rubble.

It is estimated that there were 50 people within the Hotel Roa Roa when it collapsed.
About 12 people were found, but only three were alive.
Despair the Indonesia Red Cross told the BBC that 34 students whose bodies were found under a church demolished by a landslide are among the victims.
Young people were part of a group of 86 students reported as missing from a camp to study the Bible in the middle of training church Jonooge.
The whereabouts of the other 52 students.
The incredible bravery of the air traffic controller who died in the earthquake in Indonesia to stay at the control tower until it took off a plane, meanwhile, is growing despair for help among residents of Palu.
Supplies of water, food and fuel are scarce, and since the roads are damaged, the entry of supplies becomes difficult, as well as access to more remote areas.
According to Jonathan Head, the BBC sent to Palu, police has launched shots into the air and tear gas in some circumstances to prevent looting.

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