translated from Spanish: Guillermo Dietrich said against former President Kirchner: «Cristina took it personally»

speaking to the America channel, the Minister Guillermo Dietrich, said that the former President Cristina Fernández «Yes» stole money during its management on. 

The Governments of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner were very bad for the Argentina for Dietrich, given that during this period all institutions broke and it was totalitarian efforts of cutting. 

Questioned about if considered that the Senator Cristina Kirchner would have stolen money during his tenure did not hesitate to say it: «Cristina was the head of a Government that was extremely corrupt and it is impossible to know what was going on»at the same time attacked the actor Darío Grandinetti who some days ago had expressed its desire that the Government»will»:»in the same way that exist today in Germany neo-Nazi groups that want to go against the system, there are g entity (in Argentina) that is so radicalized…»

Original source in Spanish

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