translated from Spanish: Luis Miguel will have turnover record of concerts in CDMX

Mexico, 1 oct (EFE).-Luis Miguel will reach 31 presentations in the Auditorio Nacional of Mexico City for 2018 with 16 concerts programmed starting tomorrow, October 2 and until nov 29 iembre, said the organizers.
Upon completion of his 31 appearances, Luis Miguel will have surpassed 30 concerts which featured at this same venue in 2006 as part of his tour of «Mexico in the skin», said administrators of the Auditorium in a statement.
Luis Miguel offered 15 concerts at the Auditorio Nacional between the months of February, March and April this year, with its new material «Mexico forever!».
The organization stressed that with 31 concerts that will offer this year, Luis Miguel will reach 253 submissions in the enclosure from 1991.Luis Miguel is nominated for the Lunas del Auditorio, a prize awarded by the audience together with industry specialists.
Tickets for the concerts of Luis Miguel has been trading since the 290 pesos (15.5 dollars) until the 4,990 pesos (267,1 dollars), said the administration of the enclosure, which can accommodate up to 10,000 spectators. EFEUSAEn this note: singer Luis Miguel figure Record concerts Auditorium National

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