translated from Spanish: Secretary of Social bonding of the PRI to the workshops of new masculinity invites

home Michoacán invites Secretary of Social bonding of the PRI to the workshops of new masculinity Morelia, Michoacan.-the Secretary of Vinculacio n with the Civil society of the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) headed by Olivio López Mújica, invites citizens to attend gender-based violence workshops focused on the perspective of the men.
As part of the national programme on the issue of the eradication of gender violence, the State PRI directing, Víctor Silva Tejeda, you bet on the reconstruction of the society from the perspective of gender.
Since violence against women from all angles has become finer and has crossed the pores of society, these workshops focused on men, allow from the point of view men combat violence and thereby contribute to improving the environment of citizenship.
With the participation of men of different sectors of society; on August 13 the Secretariat of Social bonding works with advised men and women by psychologist who helps in the construction of a new thought.
This workshop consisting of 25 sessions can be taken both by men and women for free and thereby work the eradication of gender-based violence from the male side.
“It is necessary that the actors are responsible for violence and aggressions that generate; It is time re victimizing women to reach equality in society”highlighted Lopez Mujica.
These workshops have a duration of two hours a week and are taught in the offices of the State Executive Committee of the Michoacan PRI every Monday at 6 pm: the main objective is to raise awareness in society.

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