translated from Spanish: The small letter of the agreement

the new trade agreement that will be signed on 29 or 30 November by Enrique Peña Nieto, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump contains 23 large chapters. The most important issues are those which refer to the employment, automotive, anti-corruption, intellectual property, investment, dispute resolution, energy, trade digital and companies owned by the status refers to the automotive sector was established establish a free trade for cars that meet this rule of origin: the regional value content is increased by 62.5 at 75%. A value of labour content of 40% was established, i.e., 40% of the value of the vehicle must be produced at least using salaries of 16 US dollars per hour. Loans of up to 10% may be obtained by research and development and information technology. Also credit of 5% for manufacturing of engines, transmissions and batteries. 70% of the steel will be the North America region and so-called auto parts «essential (engine, chassis & body, transmission, axles, suspension, steering system and battery box) must comply with content, on average 75%.» In terms of work each country will incorporate into its legislation the rights of freedom of Association and the effective right to collective bargaining; removed all forms of forced and compulsory labour, child labour and discrimination at work and occupation. Also includes an annex relating to the implementation of the labor reform in Banderas.This requires the Mexican Government to include provisions in their domestic legislation to ensure that, prior to the initial registration of a collective labour agreement or during review of the same, by individual and secret vote of workers, that the contract has the support of most of them. On anti-corruption disciplines are created to eliminate bribery, corruption and the enrichment of areas covering the United States, Mexico and Canada.por agreement example, having independent authorities; the obligation to criminalize and prosecute offences of bribery, corruption and illicit enrichment; provisions relating to the integrity of public officials and establishment of good practices in companies. As for solution of disputes State, agreed to preserve the previous mechanism in the 19th chapter of NAFTA in 1994, thus eliminating the proposal to grant the Faculty not to implement the decision of a panel to a part. Under this heading the administration of Canada ended up saving Mexico, which via the Secretaries Ildefonso Guajardo and Luis Videgaray, had already given and delivered to courts and judges us the resolution of disputes. In relation to intellectual property agreement stipulates that there will be national treatment in the field of copyright and related; the authorities can stop goods that suspect they have been forged on all inputs or outputs of the country. Strict protection for pharmaceuticals and innovative agricultural products. The minimum copyright term extension to 75 years for works as a musical interpretation. Adoption of a system of warning and disabling of Internet sites that provide certainty to companies in information technology. Inclusion of 10 years of data protection for biological drugs, the latter relevant, because transnational corporations can stop the drug biocomparables. BLACK gold
case that is hot is that of black gold, the company’s oilfield services of Gonzalo Gil and Jose Antonio Canedo White. It turns out that yesterday the judge of the system procedural criminal accusatory of the Superior of Court of the CDMX, Enrique Cedillo, froze for 300 days the nearly 95 million dollars from Deutsche Bank trust. Remember that we inform you that’s derived from an account that paid Pemex last month? Both the bondholders and the company also involving Luis Ramírez Corzo is stranded in a fight for such resources. At the same time the judge made effective research for an alleged crime of fraudulent administration in black gold and the Bank that runs here Juan Oberhauser to perform harmful operations that aggravate the situation of Fortius, Laurus platforms, Primus, momenta and Decus. It will this lawsuit. Group path
also yesterday the visitor appointed by the Federal Institute of specialists in bankruptcy (Ifecom), directed by María Esther Sandoval, delivered the opinion of path. We are talking about José Luis Elizondo, who corroborated the State of insolvency of the eight companies that constitute this group of transportations of passengers that Ricardo Clausse commands. View the parties will be given shortly. It is anticipated that the company of Jaime Rodríguez adionara some points of view, as well as creditor banks, including Credit Suisse, Banorte and HSBC, Bancomext, CI Bank and BBVA-Bancomer. It is the latter, carrying Eduardo Osuna, is making head. Path required to restructure three thousand 500 million pesos. Lenders have tightened. ROGOZINSKI
that not, that Jacques Rogozinski won’t retire at Nacional Financiera. Their spokesmen explain that simply does not meet the minimum parameters to access the retirement. To qualify the civil servant should be 60 years of age, but above all 30 years of service in the institution. In December would serve only six years of service, every time that he was appointed almost at the start of the six-year term of President Enrique Peña Nieto. It is worth clarifying.

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