translated from Spanish: They ask the Court open discussion on security law

members of the collective #SeguridadSinGuerra delivered today to the Ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation (SCJN) a request to public hearings citizens is carried out prior to the resolution of these actions of unconstitutionality against the Internal Security Act.

Request for public hearings citizens for the #LSI resolution presented today by the collective #seguridadsinguerra to the @SCJN – Catalina PérezCorrea (@cataperezcorrea) October 2, 2018 “we will favor dialogue, a dialogue which did not exist in the Chambers of Deputies and senators, nor with the federal Executive last December when this law was passed”, said the actor Diego Luna.

#LoÚltimo | The collective #SeguridadSinGuerra the @SCJN requests that are made public hearings and will privilege the dialogue for the review of the constitutionality of the #LeydeSeguridadInterior.
? Photo: @EAndreaVega. – (@Pajaropolitico) October 2, 2018 on this historic day in which 50 anniversary of the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre is more important that ever to reaffirm the defence of freedoms and rights, said moon. “After the tragic night of October 2, 1968 more excesses not had allowed or absences under the complicity of the State”.
Lee: The 5 reasons why the Internal Security Act is unconstitutional, according to shelter even so, in the last 12 years hundreds of thousands of people have died in a violent way, there are more than 250 thousand displaced and more than 37 thousand families looking for their loved ones. “The army should not take as their own the role of the police. In 1968 we saw what happens when the soldiers take to the streets, repress and act without civilian control”, said political scientist Denise Dresser.
The volume of evidence gathered over the past three decades about the impact, in practice, the use of the armed forces, in contact with the civilian population, security, deserves a thorough and transparent, relief said.
It is essential that the resolution of the Supreme Court on the law on internal security takes into account empirical evidence and is done facing society, said moon. “Other matters the Supreme Court has called successfully public hearings citizens to know the evidence and the opinion of the experts in the field”.
You can interest: 8-point key of the law on internal security actor and activist stressed that arose a historic number of disputes and actions of unconstitutionality before the Supreme Court, “now we ask you to listen to those voices before resolving. But it is also the political responsibility for the new Government to repeal this law whatever happens in court. We demand accountability in all areas of the State that have the decision not to perpetuate the war,”said moon.

Collective #SeguridadSinGuerra @SCJN application delivery that held public hearings citizens prior to the resolution of actions of unconstitutionality and constitutional disputes brought against the #LeydeSeguridadInterior. – (@Pajaropolitico) October 2, 2018

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