translated from Spanish: What are the proposals of feminist organizations for an inclusive W20?

Feminita economy in conjunction with feminist organizations wrote a collaborative document with proposals that should be included in the agenda of this group of affinity of the G20.

In principle, they accuse the current W20 «have a restrictive agenda and that gender equality is a goal difficult to achieve in the context of adjustment measures and government programs that hit economically to the population». 

They explain «the W20 is one of the younger groups of affinity of the G20: its first official meeting was in 2015 in Istanbul under the Turkish chairmanship.» Although its gravitation has grown significantly since then, discussions often have restricted to issues related to women in positions of leadership, entrepreneurship, digital divides, economic participation and «conciliation» between life work and family.»

Continue «progress towards gender equality implies turn back with those policies of adjustment and austerity that involve cuts in education, health, pensions and system of care, among others. and that not only generate a regressive redistribution of income and wealth, but also have an uneven impact because they fall asymmetrically on women».

10 proposals for the agenda of the W20 1.  Effective parity in decision-making in State 2. Investment of public resources for the fight against all forms of discrimination against women 3. The future of work requires more rights and better working conditions (not upside down) 4. Ensure a system of care that contributes to equal 5.  Adequately consider the needs and potential of women that live and produce in rural areas in the processes of development 6. Inclusive statistics that allow advance in diagnosis, planning and monitoring of policies of gender 7. Comprehensive plan against the eradication of violence against women, the lesbophobia and transphobia

8. Full implementation of the 9 Integral Sexual education. Legal, safe abortion and free 10. Stereotypes and communication not sexist to read the full document click here W20

G20 Policies

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