translated from Spanish: 3 October: the day that the master Tabárez got into the Guinness World Records book

beyond what has generated in soccer Uruguay, being one of the most recognized and respected on the continent and the world coaches, Oscar Washignton Tabárez was given the luxury of entering the free world of Guinness Records.

At the age of 71, the former coach of Boca Juniors in Argentina, became the coach in maximum technical directing to the same national team, reaching 185 matches (91 wins, 47 draws, and 47 defeats), achieving the same in the last friendly of the Celeste.

Another of them was crowned in June 2018 in the first coach to lead a national team in four world. His career began when took charge of Uruguay in Italy 1990 and then returned in three in a row: South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014 Russia 2018.

«I figured never earn a Guinness. It’s a sports continuity and makes me think about all the people who have supported me from the beginning. It is more than a sporting career, pride longevity», said the master, after receiving the awards.

Oscar Tabarez, owner of two recrods Guinness. Photo: Uruguay a few weeks ago Tabarez renewed its contract with the Eastern selection and could follow chefs the legend if you manage the qualification for Qatar 2022, since it has existing contract until after the appointment in the Middle East.

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