translated from Spanish: Barcelona retrieves the path of the triumph after beating Tottenham in the Champions League

the Barcelona returned to Europe, they returned those of Ernesto Valverde to Wemble and the team regained the smile and the effectiveness and resolved its commitment against the Tottenham (2-4) with goals from Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Rakitic and a doublet of a master Leo Messi.
Barcelona, after three matches without victory, turned to hear the anthem of the Champions League and missed bad garters results thanks to a boot that you disabled completely to Londoners and that the defensive mistakes were covered by its effectiveness in the rival area.
Just stepping on the turf of Wembley, scenario that saw them crowned Kings of Europe in 1992 (in the already ruined field) and in 2011, the Catalans silenced 90 thousand souls and were ahead until the second minute of play might be fulfilled.
Leo Messi desarboló Tottenham defensive line with a long pass to Jordi Alba that, faced with a poor start of Hugo Lloris, gave the ball back so Coutinho appeared on the front. The Brazilian controlled and with the Gallic goal out of sticks, defined calmly next to the pole.
The goal left played Pochettino that hardly reacted to the blow and who took another setback 25 minutes later.
Luis Suárez, unpublished away from home for three years in this competition, pocketed with his chest inside the area, it is left to Coutinho, who without margin of reaction saved it as he could by sending the ball towards the front. There appeared Rakitic accommodating, with a whiplash in suspension, the ball with the right stick to Lloris, signing the goal number 600 of Barcelona in the European Cup.
The double advantage relaxed of Valverde, who began to make their best defense possession and in the boots of Suarez and Messi was the possibility of putting the third before the break.
He only had to appear Marc André Ter Stegen to reject a Center placed by Heung-Min are.
The 15-minute break preceded the Messi show. The perfect scenario, Rosario is grew and bonded two traced moves House brand which crashed on the stick.
The Argentine left behind the ineffective ‘Spurs’ defence and topped to the same suit just out of the locker room tunnel, which repeated three minutes later.
Two actions that were answered by Kane. The English took the first one which had and cut distances. The ’10’ took the great striker who has inside. He faked inside the area to Semedo and defined the long stick, away from Ter Stegen.
The roar of Harrow did not hesitate to turn it off Messi, pained yet to the two previous posts. He returned to connect with Dawn left band and the Spanish returned it to the penalty point so the Rosario, this time Yes, accommodate it at the right stick of Lloris.
Messi threw a kiss to the camera and held it in front of his family in a corner of Wembley. But he was not sentenced.
Again the Londoners made good an isolated occasion and Erik Lamela, from the front, took a lash that hit in Clément Lenglet and sneaked into the goal of Barcelona.
Madness reigned for a few moments at Barcelona and spaces have flourished, favoring the Cowgirl of ones and others.
Lucas Moura had the tie from the front, but his shot went weak. Pochettino, anticipating a barrage over the culé area, gave minutes to Fernando Llorente.
Moments after the Spanish entry, Moura returned to the third, when plunging into the area and find a shot which the Barcelona defense pulled out when already strained.
Plentiful you Barcelona five minutes of game, because the scenario playing against yours and Wembley, although not the pot of other English temples, pressed enough as to make five minutes of suffering look twenty.
But the English momentum was punished when a child mistake on defense allowed that dawn, after let it go in a superb way Suarez, placed it is Messi inside the area, which only had to overcome to Lloris for his fifth goal in the Champions League and the second night.
Triumph allows Barcelona to lead their group with six points, while Tottenham stays with zero units. Next the Valverde commitment will be on October 24 against Inter Milan in the Camp Nou.

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