translated from Spanish: Billions of dollars losses in businesses by tropical depression 19-E

Culiacan.-by the effects caused by 19-E tropical depression, municipalities of Culiacan trades recorded losses of 6 to 7 million pesos. Octavio Crespo, President of the National Chamber of Commerce and tourism services of Culiacán (Canaco), announced that about 150 small entrepreneurs had losses of his vehicular units, damage on their premises, as well as their products. 

A total of 150 shops were damaged by heavy rains in Culiacan. Photo: The DEBATE initially did not have information immediately after we arrived that about 150 companies registered with us had affectations in their businesses and the losses amounted to 7 million, he said. 

In relation to the support that the Secretariat of economic development will be granted to small and medium-sized enterprises, the leader of merchants said that, despite not being a lot, feel thankful of having the support of the State Government. 
If we relieved for cleaning, painting, plasters, the truth that welcome those props and tell our members that come with requirements that they apply, these are minimal, he said. 

The Sedeco allocated 18 million pesos for the Mipymes amount that will be distributed among thousand 800 companies, corresponding to 10 thousand pesos each.
In this note: claims Canaco affectations tropical depression 19 – E Culiacan losses million dollar businesses

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