translated from Spanish: Brazil has not handed over data on Odebrecht: PGR

the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) revealed that the public prosecutor in Brazil has not provided, so far, the data that have been requested about the alleged bribes from the company Odebrecht to officials of Pemex in Mexico, which are essential to be able to close the investigation and proceed against those likely responsible.
In a meeting with reporters, the Attorney General of federal crimes of the PGR, Felipe Muñoz Vazquez, said that working continuously in the investigation that is now «Advanced», however, this requires data and information from other instances as Brazilian prosecutors that has not been recognized despite the insistence of Mexican.
«Brazil has not provided us information. We have advanced the research folder because we have different people statement, but Brazil says and says and we have not seen clear. We have not received much of the information. We hope to finish soon to give us the information we have requested,»he said.
In this context the Attorney General argued that deadlines may not be set to solve this case, because the times is giving them her own research and evidence that is collected, though he reiterated that a significant degree of progress has the inquiries. «Trying to solve cases in haste causes that they later fall,» he added.
With respect to the resolution of the plenum of the National Institute of access to information (INAI) ordering make public the investigation Odebrecht folder information, the Attorney General said it would be a public version where data is not disclosed and tests that may violate due process.
However, he pointed out that this is something that will be parsed in the coming days by the institution.
«INAI resolution is that we need to take that information and well, if ordered by at the time an authority will do so according to the standard. «We are asked a public version and we will assess, if at some point we have to provide is the it», said.
It should be noted that both the PGR as persons who are being investigated by the case, including the former Director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, may file an appeal to try that not disclosing the information contained in the research which, by rule folder overall, it is quiet.

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