translated from Spanish: Detective who investigated more the case of Madeleine McCann: «Is alive and never left Portugal»

detective David Edgar, one of Scotland Yard’s most experienced and who worked for years in the case of Madeleine McCann, he warned that safety n their knowledge the girl is still alive and that never came out of Portugal.A ten years of its disappearance, the detective told The Sun that «this is a baffling case, but it is solvable» and said that the only way to get information to those who remain in the case It is the witnesses to speak when they are on their deathbed.» There are people there that they know what happened. The best hope for significant progress, will be if the consciousness of someone is moved. It may be that the person responsible for the abduction of Madeleine is dying and makes a deathbed confession, or that someone close to that person submit once you have died», said Edgar.Otras of the detective’s theories is that the alleged hijacker fights with people who know the truth and they contancten the police. The girl disappeared in 2007 when I was sleeping in the hotel complex in Praia da Luz, in southern Portugal, today would have 15 years. The police added that Maddie could be anywhere in the world, but your intuition says that it is in the same country where disappeared.» The possibility that it has been taken from smuggling out of the country undetected is highly unlikely. Anyone is there in Portugal with a total knowledge of where it is and what happened», he said.

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