translated from Spanish: Doctors removed uterus with baby to save his life

a complex surgery that involved removing the uterus of the mother with the baby inside saved the lives of both in a hospital in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.
Juana Reyes Melchor de 30 years became the IMSS Rural Hospital of the community with a seemingly normal birth without complications and with a normal placenta.
However, after being admitted he had intense pain public and bleeding. Reviewing her doctors found that he suffered from preeclampsia with severity data and in the operating room was detected total placenta praevia (placenta that completely covers the uterine cervical OS) and placenta acreta placental invasion of the bladder), said Marco Antonio Martínez Castellanos, director of the No IMSS-THRIVING Rural Hospital. 34.
The placenta acreta is considered an obstetric emergency due to its high maternal and fetal mortality, since it is cause of bleeding mass during childbirth care and back, as well as injury to bladder and intestines.

#Entérate medical #IMSSProspera ? removed uterus with baby inside to save the life of mother and daughter. ?? ⚕️?? ⚕️ ??? – IMSS (@Tu_IMSS) October 3, 2018 therefore decided the immediate interruption of their 35-week pregnancy, which meant the total extraction of the fetus inside the uterus and subsequent delivery , explained the IMSS in a statement.
«To avoid risks to the mother and the baby it was decided to perform a total abdominal hysterectomy with fetus in utero, i.e. the total removal of the uterus with the fetus inside and subsequent removal of the baby. «The intervention was born a girl of 2.5 kg», noted the IMSS.
Intervention prevented an obstetric hemorrhage, alterations of coagulation and damage to other organs that could have caused the death of the mother.
The woman and the baby are well and were registered within a few days.

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