translated from Spanish: Expansion of Center minors in Texas deepens humanitarian crises

Austin, Texas-the Group Human Rights Watch (HRW) today unveiled new photographs depicting the growth of the lower screw immigration detention centre facilities) Texas) which, he warned, deepens the crisis generated by the Government’s policy of «zero tolerance». This center was opened last June to accommodate children separated from their families on the border with Mexico, following the start of a campaign of mass irregular immigration detention proposed by the administration of President Donald Trump.El Government Federal intended to use these facilities on a temporary basis and end its activity in early July; but never that close and yesterday the Department of health and human services (HHS) confirmed that it will triple its size.

Currently there are 2 thousand 20 minors who remain held in the center of screw, although, as shown in the images of HRW who had access Efe, increasing the capacity of 28-101 plastic tents, can accommodate up to 3 thousand 800 children. One of the researchers from HRW, Clara Long, considered that this decision deepens «a crisis generated by themselves», in reference to the authorities of the country, and is the example that shows attempt to Trump keep immigrants arrested.

Photo: AFP file.

«The Government believes that you have to hold them to control immigration, but that is not true, there are more worthy and safe alternatives which they pass their migration out of detention. This situation harms their chances,»explained Long, told HRW expert Efe.La warned that the problem not only occurs in this Central Texas, but that, according to its calculations, 13 thousand 800 children are detained nationwide, when at the beginning of the immigration crisis in May about 2 thousand 400.Este had increased «you don’t have to do with the input stream, but with the decision to not release the children with their parents,» by which Long claimed a «change of address» on the Government to respect «a pro access immigration right». In this note:

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