translated from Spanish: Expected release of account

Guasave, Sinaloa-Jumapag after a process undertaken by the administration of Jumapag to SAT to unfreeze the account–hoping for today or tomorrow they give them the decisive. Yesterday afternoon the paramunicipal Council held a meeting which addressed several issues, including the process that takes the sat once they freeze them accounts for outstanding debts there from the 2014.Negociaciones
to say about Paula Gi l Sandoval, Manager of the Jumapag, will be until today when the SAT could make them notice of what will be the procedure. In this scenario it is the SAT who puts conditions. “We know from the talks that we had that we are on the third-party accounts and then in that we’re”. At the end of the meeting to be addressed with respect to the issues raised inside, Nubia Yazmin bridges Llanos, President of Coparmex Guasave, indicated that what they requested is an action plan to analyze how solution to all that ails can be to the Board. “Before we ask the manager that submit us a general situation on the State Water Board real, adding us that it must be a very transparent dynamic on the theme of the collection and talk more cash, because this is where the not-h” “Oh so much control and usually here because people pay in cash.” Plain bridges insisted that as Council it must be more involved in accountability. Union
the business leader noted that they also talked about the Union, taking into account outstanding attention which remain with the group. “We obviously also have an approach with them, we need to also be put at disposal for you to see that what we want is to negotiate, they know well the situation that keeps the Board. ”  He stressed that the issue of the Union is just a part of the whole problem that bedevils the creation.
Please know what action will generate in every area because we speak for example down the Union payroll, but we are talking about 30 million pesos need to deregister.”

It was emphatic mention that they need to know information of the last quarter to know under what conditions will receive the incoming administration.
“We hope to have them answer apparently there are available and we will see what happens.”
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