translated from Spanish: General r Villalobos declared as accused in the cause of human rights

El director de Carabineros, general r Bruno Villalobos, declared as imputed to the Minister Mario Carroza, who is investigating his possible involvement in the death (e) leader student Patricio Manzano, occurred in February of 1985.La former police authority was presented on October 1 before the judge. Previously had been presented as a witness in the case of rights Humanos.Durante his presentation to float, which was published by Emol, Villalobos insisted on his innocence and denied his involvement in the arrest of the young man, who had gone to the Andes to make volunteer work with other young people.” He indicated that the procedure itself, I remember that when the bus took detainees to be transferred to the unit of the Andes, did not exist any problems or strokes to young people, was a fairly peaceful procedure,”said the former policeman, who was part of the police contingent in the area. Villalobos said that once the students got out of the bus and entered the barracks, he along with other officials “we were on the bus, to spend the day and due to the heat, went down, leaving to one side waiting for the end of the procedure to move to the jove NES to Santiago”. The former general denied having taken one of the photographs from the police station where are detained youth.

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