translated from Spanish: Horror in Junín: he contacted it on Facebook, they met and they raped her with a friend

social networks play a dangerous role in interpersonal relationships: there are many who choose this mode for meeting new people and each gave more fall into the clutches of those with bad intentions.

This same happened to a 20-year-old girl in the bonaerense town of Junin: a boy of 16 were contacted and they were found in his house. From there, they went to a friend and, between them, threatened her with a gun and raped her.

The case all happened Tuesday 2 October, when the victim agreed to visit the home of his «cyber friend» located in the neighborhood of Los Almendros. Once there, moved 300 metres to the House of another subject, friend of the first, 26-year-old.

On that site, began to consume alcoholic beverages mixed with pills and, after a time, the men threatened the woman with a gun caliber 22 and sexually abused her.

The kidnapped elements | Photo: Courtesy security PolicialesTerminado this outrageous point, took the opportunity to steal the cell phone and the money she was wearing. Immediately, the victim filed the complaint at the police station of women and the family of Junín giving rise to an investigation carried out by detectives of the DDI.

After three raids, they gave with the culprits and arrested them, recovering the stolen phone and kidnapping the weapon, various ammunition and clothing.

Involved in the cause the jurisdiction of juvenile criminal responsibility, UFI N ° 3 and correctional No. 1 court belonging to the Junín Judicial Department.

ReincidenciaSe found that the biggest abusers – he found hidden in the home of her partner – presented order of capture from 2016 by two causa:tentativa of theft and Danoabuso of weapon and breach of drug Junin

Facebook contacted found 20 years young

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