translated from Spanish: In Valencia, father assaults and death threat against teacher who punished his daughter

photography / Internet Valencia-the father of a student at a public school in Sagunto, Valencia, attacked one of the teachers and threatened to kill, after finding out that he had punished his daughter.
The fact took place in the Pinaeta school; the teacher filed a complaint against the man, who has not been arrested.
According to sources of the Ministry of education, the Board of Directors, representatives of the City Council of Sagunto and the inspector of area gathered to implement security measures and review the protocols of action.
School requires police protection, they argue that the insults and threats are common and they claim they want to protect their teachers so that they can perform their function normally.
The latest incident was caused by a punishment: Alberto punished to a nine-year-old girl by hitting another and when the child’s father found out, attacked the teacher: “it gave Me a head butt, he started threatening me of death. Entered the Professor and also threatened him with death.”
The head of the school, Juan Manuel Pérez, said: “we can not take anymore, we are afraid,” in addition, there have been three attacks against teachers, what keeps them working with insecurity.
According to Antena 3, what happened in this Center is not an isolated case: 90% of teachers have experienced violent situations in class. As it is the case of a student gave a screen door to his teacher in the face or which pulled down a teacher.
Information: Antena 3

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