translated from Spanish: Piñera discussed the failure of the Hague with lakes and Frei: “defeat in dignity, magnanimity victory”

after holding a meeting at La Moneda with its an Ricardo Lagos and Eduardo Frei, President Sebastián Piñera tecesores referred to the judgment of the Court of the Hague in Bolivia-maritime demand and the new scenario that opens with La Paz.
“We won’t fall in any attitude of arrogance, nor in any attitude of disqualification. “There is a very important lesson that says ‘ in defeat dignity, magnanimity victory”, said the head of State.
“In this regard, he said that”Chile has always and will always maintain an attitude of constructive dialogue and cooperation in good faith with all countries of the world and especially with neighbouring countries”, but reiterated that the bilateral dialogue will depend on that Evo Morales” recognize, understand and respect the meaning of the judgment in the Hague, which recognizes fully the Treaty of 1904 and will abandon this baseless claim on Chilean sovereignty, territory or sea. In these terms, Chile will always be willing to talk”.
Turn the page with everything, the President said that “life is much more than Bolivia”, and urged focus on other issues on the agenda because the country needs “a policy and an international strategy that anticipates to the times”.
In that sense, the President explained that on Friday will begin a European tour that will take him to France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Italy, countries where he will be received by leading authorities. It will also meet with the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission, the principal organs of the European Union (EU), and the Francis Pope in the Vatican.
“(The ICJ) ruling meant a great triumph for Chile but life goes on and now we are thinking about the future and the great challenges and great opportunities that Chile has ahead,” said Pinera.
Recognition of Grossman at the meeting in the Palace also attended Chancellor Roberto Ampuero, under Secretary of RR.EE., Carolina Valdivia, and agent of Chile before the Hague Claudio Grossman.
Although the President did not mention to its predecessor in office, Michelle Bachelet, by fulfilled role in the defense of Chile before the ICJ, Grossman agent Yes both had words of appreciation for this administration “as also for President Bachelet and her” Chancellor (Heraldo Muñoz) by the work that played and with which we had a relationship very close”.
The reactions of the former Presidents former President Ricardo Lagos considered moreover that the ruling should serve to “turn the page” and return to the bilateral dialogue which existed until 2013, when the Government of Evo Morales demanded that Chile.
In his view, the UN Court showed that countries talk but this “does not imply rights”, so it is also a “message to the world” by the ICJ.
Lagos said that it was a “happy coincidence” that precedes the ruling of the Hague Pinera tour to Europe to meet with some of the main leaders of the continent.
“It is time to consider from here how can we think of a Latin America that shares values with Europe and the possibility of closer links between this region and Europe to have incidence on the big global issues”, said Lagos.
Meanwhile, Frei recalled Evo Morales that the ICJ issued on Monday a failure and not a “report”, as the Bolivian leader has said on several occasions, and called to act with the neighboring country with humility, but “with the same decisiveness and strength” shown so far.
“It should not be forgotten that next year there are presidential elections in Bolivia and that clearly mark the Government’s decisions,” he stressed.
In that sense, Frei said that Chile would “ideal” that the next Bolivian President “is willing to talk” with the Chilean authorities to improve relations.
“We need respect, recognition of international failures and a will to achieve an Alliance and an agenda to work over the next few years to finish this fight that has led to long years”, said Frei.

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