translated from Spanish: Son of Pilar Cox said that it cut off relationship with her mother more than one year ago: “I did it for me”

Martín Ruiz, the son of Pilar Cox, spoke with the intruder program on the State of health of their mother and said what a year and three month It is that he has no contact with her. “I have no relationship with my mother. I did it for me. I put a limit”, he said.

his statements are then the former hostess of TV were a confusing incident inside a hostel in Providence, when he tried to cut with a knife. “Separate me from it was a process that took me over four years, it hurts and I keep questioning me. I did so because I have a daughter and I do not want her to have to go through this type of situation to have any relationship with a person who deals with addictions and his illness”, said Martin to the Red.En interview with Mon, her other daughter Valeria Ruiz said that her mother has bipolar disorder and alcoholism problems. On the recent episode which ended with Pilar Cox in the Providence station, Martin said that he was not surprised for anything that happened.” For me this is something else within a long history (…) now I yes I still worried she and I still love it, but I have my distance, I decided that it is not involved in my life”, he added. His son said that since he “has memory” his mother has undergone different processes and psychological interventions that have not brought results, which also brought several family issues over the years.” They have simply not given the result that is esperabana with my mother. I feel powerless to solve the issue”, he said.

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