translated from Spanish: 30 years of the triumph of the non-survey Criteria reveals that, with all its problems, democracy is the best system of Government

a new poll, published a by Criteria Research, reveals the perception of Chileans to 30 years of the plebiscite of 1988, when that Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship was defeated at the polls.
One of the relevant data that throws the probe has to do with the evaluation of democracy. “Democracy may have problems, but it is the best system of Government as possible,” is an option supported by 67%, while 64% believes that democracy is a contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the people.
Also, 61% believed that democracy improves the tolerance and coexistence and 60% confident that democracy is a contribution to the economic development of the country. The option that the democratic system helps to reduce social differences in a given country will reach 54%.
However, despite majority support for democracy, 28% considered that in certain circumstances a dictatorship is preferable above democracy.
Another conclusion of the report is that a citizen majority (77%) thinks that the social and political divisions of that time have risen or remain equal. Only 23% consider that the division of the country has decreased.
In this sense, democracy in Chile is considered a democracy with major problems (40%) or small problems (32%). Only 8% considered that the country lives a full democracy, without problems.
In this regard, 72% of respondents estimated that most of the problems of democracy are related to those who benefit most from the return to democracy have been politicians and 62%, believe that they have been “rich in general”. In addition, 15% argues that the middle class has been the least benefit.
Finally, perceived that the Presidents post plebiscite have tended more to exacerbate the divisions than to annotate them. Only Patricio Aylwin Gets a positive balance in this respect.
Likewise, 66% of those surveyed knows that on 5 October was commemorates 30 years since the plebiscite of 1988. It is ignorance is major in under 44 years of age.
Survey the survey corresponds to the month of September and the type of study is quantitative, not probability through the implementation of surveys, self-administered through the use of a certified panel of online access.
Using a random sample stratified by quotas. Target group are women and men of 18 years or older, of the socio-economic levels ABCD, residents from all over Chile. The total sample includes 752 cases, with a sampling error of 3.5%

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