translated from Spanish: 32 years after ‘Oktubre’: how much took Rocambole in make the emblematic drawing of the disk?

«If you together an excellent guitarist and arranger, an exceptional singer with an amazing voice, good musicians in the rhythmic area, making original, and wrapped in a very remarkable poetry, themes will something happen»; the success of «Patricio Rey and sus Redonditos de Ricota» Ricardo Cohen, «Rocambole», so defined.

He was with the band since its inception. Then he accompanied them on the dream carry out the project which, song after song, was paid more. 

Within the framework of a new anniversary of the publication of the album «Oktubre», which was listed by hundreds of fans as one of the best in the group, containing hits such as «Fire of October», «Music for pills» or «Hehehe», Ridge spoke with the legendary Illustrator, who provided details about the preparation and message that was exhibited in the material.

Reason that inspired the creation of the Discopresentacion live | Photo: Instagram @untalrocamboleSegún explained Rocambole, the inspiration to create the material arose spontaneously and altogether: «one day we went to see a concert at Luna Park, which was the presentation of a Russian choir of Moscow, of the army red, with voices very» severe left us impressed. We sat in a cafe then think what we could do in this regard».

The idea, reported, was to pay tribute to all revolutions in the history of humanity, the struggle of the oppressed against the aggressors. Thus began the mission: Skay Beilinson was it that made the musical arrangements, Carlos ‘indio’ Solari wrote poetry and he was in charge of the image.

Then he began the process. The album cover was launched, which had to print it by hand. Why do you decide to use those colors? «The Red could not miss a revolutionary tribute, black anarchism and the white of the paper as I came».

Each one of the songs touched the soul of hundreds of fans, who expressed her passion by flags or tattoos: «one made a play and people accepted it, to the point that you want it to rerecord; It’s a mixture of feelings, fear and satisfaction,»said Cohen.

The unpublished fact that surprised todosNueva image that was used on the CD | Photo: Twitter regret that that cover became a success in the world of rock and in the vinyl format, when it was converted to CD there was another image that crazy fans at the same level: the one that shows a slave with a cry of revolution.

But… How did this idea? «For one of the presentations of works on vinyl record, I did notice. Commissioned me a notice for a newspaper, which he closed at six o’clock and were three in the afternoon. «I went to a kiosk, I bought a cardboard black, liquid paper, marker, I sat at the bar and built it around in 10 minutes».

«The art is by definition political; always send a message «, said Rocambole.

As he explained, the idea was that «came circling on the head», so represented it without thinking. Until today, the image takes a lot of power and sends a message of revolution: «is an eternal struggle, those who have more try to oppress those who have less, but I hope that at some point things will change, and we have a fairer, more balanced humanity».

«All done is political, about the artistic; to say that the policy you don’t like already you get in politics. Rock goes, the art is by definition political; you always send a message», he concluded.

A life dedicated to the pen and papelRicardo Cohen | Photo: Instagram @untalrocamboleEl «Mono» not only continues with talent in drawing, so he decided to translate their knowledge into three books: «Rocambole. Art, design and counterculture»(2014),»from back to October. What was left in the dark»(2016) and» Solos and night «(2018).

The last work exposes different Chronicles of los Redonditos, where Rocambole was the prologue, while the 2016 material exposes previously unpublished images of his career.

Furthermore, future performances will be: in Salta on Thursday 11 October will make a presentation to the House of culture, while the 2, 3 and 4 November in Mar del Plata will give a Workshop.

Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota Oktubre Rocambole Ricardo Cohen

Indio Solari

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