translated from Spanish: Activists of Jalisco ask AMLO not to continue the construction of the aqueduct Zapotillo

Jalisco.-in a statement several organizations of activists calling for the President elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador do not continue with the project system Zapotillo – Aqueduct Zapotillo Lion, which argue began to be promoted since 2005.
Activists and organizations expressed that illegally in 2009 it began its construction, since – for 13 years – the PAN and the PRI governments have wanted it to impose to as result: violation of human rights, devastating nature, lying above technical studies, in breach of agreements and laws, wasting public resources and implemented serious acts of corruption, without generating a single drop of water so far.
Here the press release that was sent to the media: past July 1, most of the Mexican decided through the ballot box giving an opportunity to the President elected Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who says that his Government will mean the fourth Transformation of the country. In this same sense, Jalisco Governor elected Enrique Alfaro, promises that his Government will be the re-founding of the State, however the continuation of the construction of the Zapotillo system – aqueduct Zapotillo Leon does not correspond at all to these two principles that supposedly will sustain the Government of Lopez Obrador and Alfaro.
Our expectations and requirements to new Governments are high, for more than 13 years have promoted the revolution of water in our communities and with other struggles, organizations and experts have demonstrated that the system Zapotillo – aqueduct Zapotillo Leon is obsolete, because it will not solve the supply of the water over time, nor respect ecosystems and the people that inhabit them. Just remember the recent «report technical on alternatives for the integrated management and sustainable water in Jalisco,» in the context of the Zapotillo dam project developed at the Congress of Jalisco and submitted 23 August, which States that : «As a result, when not properly shown, deliberate and socialized that the greater access to the water well exceed economic investments so far made, the work is not justifiable from the point of view of social, economic or environmental even at the current stage of progress in the development and delivery of investments already made in the construction of the project».
So we hope that the fourth transformation of Mexico and the Refoundation of Jalisco transform model of water management in the country and in the State, towards an integrated water management and the Zapotillo system – aqueduct Zapotillo Leon not is integrated management of the water.
We hope that the fourth transformation of Mexico’s AMLO and the Refoundation of Jalisco of ALFARO, before making sweeping statements such as those made in recent days on the future of system Zapotillo first listen and dialogue with communities, organizations, fights and specialists for over 13 years we have advocated and worked by water in Jalisco, that would be a different Government and not continuing with only party BRUNETTE changing in the federal Government and citizen movement in Jalisco.
Talk about the investment in the project by AMLO ALFARO is important, however the approach that must prevail before any decision is the corruption, the fourth transformation and the Refoundation of Jalisco to audit in a way immediate project prior to defend investment and decide its continuation vertically.
We are concerned about the contradictions and empty technical and knowledge of the comprehensive effects of the project in the positions and statements that the new Governments are doing at this stage of transition, the feasibility should be demonstrated with an expertise and security that would have the project with a dam 80 metres in height of the curtain for the communities and by the degree of neglect of the work and lack of maintenance that alert also UNOPS-UN first check their current status and their degree of deterioration.
Talk about fourth transformation of Mexico and Refoundation of Jalisco should mean that the solution to this environmental conflict caused by system Zapotillo – aqueduct Zapotillo lion (Zapotillo dam, aqueduct and Purgatory Dam) should be resolved only and together with communities, organizations and experts, so we hope we can meet immediately with the Government of Lopez Obrador and Enrique Alfaro.
We will continue to fight against this megaproject and for a new model and policy management of water for Mexico and Jalisco, the fourth transformation and reform must be that possibility by which urge the elected Governments of Obradó and Alfaro to: before make statements and decisions on the project build the Agenda the water needed by Mexico and Jalisco together and alone with communities, organizations and experts.
We convene to discuss and review of comprehensive and complete way the effects and impacts of the Zapotillo system – aqueduct Zapotillo Leon.
Made a public expertise to the current state of the dam the Zapotillo in relation to maintenance, viability and safety.
Be conducted a public survey on the feasibility and safety to communities of Temacapulin, Acasico and Palmarejo of a dam 80 metres in height of shade.
Be convened to the realization of public forums to review comprehensive and complete the effects and impacts of the Zapotillo system – aqueduct Zapotillo Leon and look for alternatives – that is the constriction of more dams – towards a new model of management of the water.
Our struggle is for water and life, we want a river green free, the cancellation of the project, its dismantling, the restoration of the Green River and the reparation of the damage, this is because what we expect from the fourth transformation of AMLO and the Refoundation of ALFARO.

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