translated from Spanish: Bricklayer actor: the story of Rodrigo Romero, who came to the film in the pony skin young

comes this Thursday, October 4 «del Potro: best of love» in Argentine theaters. Lorena Muñoz («Gilda») film portrays the life of the musician who captivated millions of viewers with its charm and don.

Rodrigo Romero is the protagonist of this story. Who is the girl? A cordovan bricklayer who learned of the casting through social networks. Given his admiration for the artist, not hesitated it and arose.

Rodrigo Romero as del Potro | Photo: Instaragram @Los the film makers not could overlook the incredible like Romero with Rodrigo, from his facial gestures to his accent and musical tastes. Inevitably, he was selected from a selection of 500 applicants.

In the skin of «El Potro» without having ever been before the cameras, Rodrigo had a challenge of great magnitude: take to film the story of the colt. In your skin it would be their emotions. Your energy at the shows, their past, their dreams, their loves and passions.

Construction of the character was a joint effort with the Director casting María Laura Berch and his assistant Tati Rojas. For his part, Munoz contributed their point of vita: what was what I wanted to tell.

Rodrigo Romero as del Potro | Photo: Instaragram @A differs from the cast, Rodrigo could not have an encounter with his idol. Something similar to what happened to Florencia Peña. Bridging the differences and the inevitability of fate, the actress failed to be received by Bety Olave, the mother of the cordovan singer.

«Jimena (Baron) was able to reunite with Marixa (Balli), Malena (Sanchez) with duck but I was not that lucky,» admits Romero during the press conference that anticipates the release of the film, where edge was present.

«I was the character from love, from my fanaticism toward him», argues with respect to their participation and work in the film, Rodrigo recognizes: «was very beautiful: that touch me to make with this cast and my idol.» The musical was a discovery mine. Although I am not an actor or singer, singing all the time in privacy».

Live your passion in good propiaRodrigo meat was skin-deep. Desire and its delivery is one of the points that the film not dodging you. For his part, Romero fell in love with is Jimena Barón, the actress who plays Marixa Balli, precisely, one of the romances of the colt.

Rodrigo Romero with Jimena Baron | Photo: Instaragram @rodrigoromero_roSin however, their relationship could not be and the artist explained the reason why not lasted up to the present. Find out what he said in this article.

Watch the trailer! Rodrigo arrives Thursday to the big screen. Are you ready to move to the rhythm of the cordovan Quartet?

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