translated from Spanish: Controversy by the protest of La Faraona journalist and its comparison with the sexist harassment

La Faraona, the character of the instagramer Martín Cirio, was news not by its occurrences or videos, but by the attitude that had before a journalist I wanted to interview him and he had already refused to whom a note. The subsequent comparison of this episode with the sexist harassment that women suffer on a daily basis did more to argue the situation.

The fact climbed to the set number 1 of the hottest topics (Trending Topics) on Twitter and the comedian had to leave to clarify many.

What of the Río Negro newspaper reporter Pasouna had contacted Cirio via e-mail to make a note. According to what points it out, she sent “a choclo” which refused to respond. “I can not answer all this, forgive me, not I’m going to do”, was his reply.

At this, the journalist got the number of La Faraona, Laura, Assistant and continued to insist with the interview. He was there when the issue came to the networks.

Viralizacionfoto: Twitter “there is nothing more intrusive than to contact you by WHATSAPP unless you’ve given them your number, and when you write do not clarify you how it got neither ask forgiveness.” In this case, as I do not answer, found out the phone of my assistant. “Goodbye forever, horrendous day”, was the posture that presented the instagramer from the very beginning.

Comments of support as the criticism began to arrive and, of course, La Faraona did not stay quiet.

“They sent me mail questionnaire type high school pretending to answer all written, I say that I don’t have time to answer this thesis of DOCTORATE and insists,” he responded to one of his followers.

Comparison with the machistaFoto harassment: Twitter “when one says that not one note, the reason may be, it is already established that not.” If you then manage to cell and you still insist you do the same as the machito”, he said and gave way to the controversy.

It was through another social network that explained all of the situation and made a mea culpa in some aspects: “she asks me if he can make me a note I say that Yes, it sends me a corn so it will respond, say ‘ I can not answer all this” , excuse me, not I’m going to do ‘. Then begins to insist, I leave you respond there because for my now, I already said that no, it’s not; I’m not opening the debate to ‘look at the way’ “.”

Using the stories of Instagram, continued telling the story: “get the phone of my assistant, and writes to it. This bothered me enough because the phone is not a contact that I give you”.

“Perhaps I exploded over and he should not have done, ok can be. Was the comparison little happy? Yes, surely could not be compared with nothing and ready. Publish the email is wrong, it should not have done it, it was very hot, it would have to have it deleted. I have nothing against it”journalist protest sexist harassment

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