translated from Spanish: Establishment of public prosecutor to the peace announced

the national coordinator of the forum for peace and reconstruction, Loretta Ortiz, announced the creation of a public prosecutor for peace, from a new law which will be presented on October 24.
According to reports in the newspaper Reforma, Ortiz explained that this prosecution will attend to the most serious crimes during the next six years.
To inaugurate the Forum heard in Leon, Guanajuato, the Organizer explained that offences will serve are enforced disappearance; trafficking of children and adolescents; arbitrary execution; traffic mirgantes, femicides and offences against journalists and activists.
Also explained that this prosecution will be part of a new integrated system for Justice, truth, guarantee of non-repetition and repair to the victims.
According to Ortiz, this new system will consist of a Truth Commission, a Commission of inquiry and a criminal court for peace.
Ortiz announced that on October 24 will present the conclusions of the forums that President-elect «will to systematize, to order and they will derive future public policy».
In addition, insisted that the amnesty will pose the next Government will not proceed with offenders who have committed violent crimes, because this «is intended for children co-opted by organized crime that have not committed wrongful acts and that they have dedicated to traffic drugs, perhaps weapons traffic, perhaps robbery».
He also mentioned that it is intended for women who were incarcerated by paid to smuggle drugs or weapons, as well as to persons sentenced for political crimes and that «they were uncomfortable for the system».
The following forums for peace will be held in Xalapa, Veracruz, on 9 October; in the city of Oaxaca 11 and in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Tuesday 16th.
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