translated from Spanish: First round of the Ministry of education with teachers: Guild March for Mall

a March by the Alameda, which began its journey in Plaza Baquedano and ends with a Act in the sector of Echaurren, marks the central in Santiago of the 48 hour national strike convened by the College of teachers.
In this first round of the Magisterium with the Ministry of education, teachers are mobilized from yesterday Wednesday by the lack of response to his request of 11 points.
While the column moved by the sector of La Moneda, the President of the Guild, Mario Aguilar, directed a few words to protesters, placing the Government.
“We want to tell Mr Piñera that what teachers are demanding is a word that hardly you assume, that it is the word respect, respect for teachers,” said the official.
In particular, Aguilar said the issue of historic debt, one of the points unresolved in negotiations with the Ministry of education. “When you say autumn there is the historical debt year you are missing the respect to 70 thousand teachers and professors who today live many of them destitute”, he added.
The national 48-hour strike was called by the Association of teachers due to lack of response to his request of 11 points. Its leaders have charged that “there are sectors within the Government that have an extreme ideological fanaticism and a managerial perspective” and added that in the negotiation with the Ministry of education had reached certain agreements but were then unknown to the Executive.
As for the balance of this mobilization, leadership has shown as. “The percentage of membership in the regions we are talking about and the reports that we have are between 75% and 80% of accession, that is a fairly satisfactory and high percentage. So that in the day of March in Santiago, we expect a massive presence of teachers”, said Aguilar.

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