translated from Spanish: Heartfelt reflection Millaray Viera devoted to her daughter: «I want to lengthen your childhood»

Millaray Viera shared a sincere reflection on the pre teens of his daughter on social networks. To write the message, published a photograph next to Julieta where the resemblance between the two is tremendous. The panelist got sentimental with birthday number 10 of the girl, who is starting the stage of pre teens. «Last night we slept together and you looked so much! I can’t believe how big you are. Today we meet 10 years being love and being the best team. We are those people that people do not think separately, because we have always been pegaditas, since that October 4, 2008 in which you were born and I calmed down your crying on my chest for the first time», she wrote. Juliet was born product of his relationship with the musician Álvaro López and is the first daughter of Millaray.» Every time you go a little more than separating my and OK, that has transformed you into the wonderful person you are, but I can not deny that from the depths of my soul I would that they give me more time, that lengthen your childhood «, so I do not go, because right now I understand things than before no, right now I let silly concerns and merely learned to enjoy you… and time», added the pair of Marcelo Díaz.

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