translated from Spanish: How to vote Andrés Chadwick if the plebiscite of October 5, 1988 was today

Votaria Yes or No if the plebiscite of October 5, 1988? While some members of his coalition have acknowledged the anniversary number 30 of the plebiscite which today would endorse the option against the dictatorship, the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, avoided entering this dynamic.
In view of the militant of the UDI, who is played by the Yes option in 1988, today «is not put in situations that occurred in the past, the important thing is not that if one would vote A or B».
Consulted on the matter after taking part Thursday in the exhibition «Legacy of a Republican, Patricio Aylwin’s Centennial», Chadwick insisted that «the important thing is that with the passage of time and seeing what has happened in the country, there is no doubt that what emerged in the triumph» «not fo, allowing free and competitive elections and the reconstruction of democracy where all political forces we committed ourselves and develop a drive around it, is a journey that ended up being very positive for Chile».
Act in the currency on the occasion, Chadwick also justified the Act which plans the currency for this Friday. He said that this will be an event «very simple very sober» and where the President will make «a reflection on the deepest meaning of October 5″.
He also noted that all matches of Chile we are invited even though in the UDI President of that party, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, said will not assist, because it is very strange that someone who supported the Yes now is celebrating the triumph of the No.» We invite the parties in our coalition (…) We hope that everyone can attend, those who want to join the President in this reflection,»said the Chief of staff.
As for the opposition parties, Chadwick said that invitations, not were attended him «because we obviously respect the celebration that will make the opposition sectors who have their own activity».
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