translated from Spanish: Ignacio Lastra left weights: «my skin got too tight, what brought me pain»

the former boy Ignacio Lastra reality already fulfilled one year since he suffered the accident that left him with 90% of his body burned in last September. During this time, the former model has recovered quickly, both his physical wounds as emotional with their new ventures. And while working on personal projects, the former Julia Fernandes has never stopped training his physique. Just gave him the medical discharge from the Indisa clinic, he continued with the exercise and looked at social networking how practiced with weights. However, in interview with Mon confessed that he had let weights and the muscular side work, because it was damaging his body.» I am doing bike because I stopped doing exercises to strengthen my muscle mass. My skin is not recovered 100% and my body was giving a very big stress,»told Lastra, who reached the 95 kilos now.» I got to weigh 108 pounds and my skin was too tight, which brought my aches and pains. «I have to recover well leave the skin to stretch to get calugas again», he added. In terms of makeup wearing, he said that it is because it can not take Sun, therefore the doctors recommended products with UV protection factor that come with a base for the face. «It is not that I want to hide my scars, I Dim red,» ended.

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