translated from Spanish: Karadima victim described as “good criminal” Ezzati for not collaborating with justice

two of the victims of Fernando Karadima criticized that the Archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati, kept silence in the investigation by the pre sunto cover-up of sexual abuse. Through its account of Instagram, José Andrés Murillo said that “as a good criminal, Ezzati rather than cooperate with justice, welcomed was his right to remain silent. “A right, Yes, but cover-up”. Journalist Juan Carlos Cruz described as “funky” religious.” Funky Cardinal Ezzati will declare as imputed and decides not to speak to no self-incrimination. Where is ‘I work at all with justice’. Bishops criminals someday end up in jail. They have destroyed so many lives! Us not silent before this! “, tweet.” Professional said that it is of “a lack of respect and presentable. You have the right to do so, but it is a new affront to the victims and the State.” He added that “the right to no self-incrimination protects people for not declaring about facts that can result in liability to the declarant… This is a confession of Ezzati?” “Violates all ethical humanist and shows the same lack of empathy with victims of always”. The prelate should testify today before the Prosecutor Emiliano Arias, but are welcomed to his right to remain silent. According to his defense, he will not to discuss the dismissal of the case with the public prosecutor’s Office.

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