translated from Spanish: Mirko, the baby who could get a Guinness World Record for both travel

Argentina.-a small that just turns a year, has become a sensation in Instagram, and is from the 45 days old has been traveling non-stop and has known 14 countries. As a result, it could be part of the Guinness record.

The child’s name is Mirko Weibe, is the son of a famous Argentinian driver named Alejandro Weibe, better known under his stage name of Marley. The small will fulfill a year on October 27 and prepare it to be a baby record.
The father revealed to a recognized journal, according to what reported newspaper El Clarin, which your child could appear in the Guinness record, with the award «the most traveled the world baby», since it has visited 14 countries at his young age. Mirko met for the first time a plane the 45 days old. He returned to Argentina from the United States, where he was born through a subrogated uterus. Since that day did not stop and accompanied his father to these places for the work of the driver.

We were in the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, Greece, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the driver listed. You have to see if the Guinness records organization validate the brand.

On these trips, the small met important figures such as Barack Obama, Lionel Messi, father Francisco, the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and the soccer star Diego Maradona, who asked to meet him because of the fame achieved by his such crossings by the world.

Now is as a game because it is small and where I immediately ask me taking photos with it. When you start the school, surely lower its level of exposure.

Even his father did an account on Instagram, which has more than two million followers, becoming a phenomenon that has taken by surprise his parents.

When opened you the account I thought that it would be 10 thousand followers. Ever I went through your head more than 2 million people would have an interest in my son. Took me by surprise, Marley said in the interview.
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