translated from Spanish: NHDR application for protection filed emission of toxic gases that affect citizens of Copiapo

the National Institute of human rights (NHRIS) of Atacama presented an application for protection before the Court of appeals of the capital of the Region III after receiving numerous complaints from various schools in Copiapo for the emission of gases.
Due to permanent emissions of gases, affected schools have due to adopt a series of measures that affect the proper performance of the educational activity of children and adolescents who attend them, altering in addition to the educational community in a whole.
There have been suspensions of classes, terms in advance of the working day, implementation of schedules of income and end of day, sharing cold collations, shots of students educational establishments and proxy, marches by the Central streets of the city, and referrals to emergency of different centers of the commune.  
NHDR cited episodes of emanations which occurred in August and September 2018, which affected seven educational institutions, students and officials intoxicated and receiving medical care, in addition to the suspension of classes.
Although the origin of emissions is unknown, apparently has reportedly started after the flood occurred in Copiapo in 2016, fumes coming from sewer and sanitary waste treatment systems. They produce unpleasant smells and physical discomfort, and threaten and affect the quality of life of the citizens quality and operation of educational services. The information collected realizes that the emanations of gases would correspond to hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
For this reason the NHDR located in recourse to the municipality of Copiapó, the superintendencies of the environment and of health services and the Ministry of health, requesting justice order used public services take all measures necessary to put an end to the emanations of gases, and thus, prevent the occurrence of new violations of rights as described.

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